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Fundraising Insights

Our suite of nonprofit fundraising tools will help you raise more money by illuminating every opportunity. Get the full picture and make data-driven decisions.

Database Insights

Your database is one of the best tools in your toolbox. If you’re looking for fundraising database management, you’ve come to the right place.

Prospect Insights

Do you pursue the same prospects every year? Let’s find your next wave of prospects that are ready to springboard to the major gift level.


Are you starting a new job? Cut the ramp-up time and get up to speed quickly. We’ll map out the entire landscape so you can take a proactive approach.

Fundraising Data Analytics

Are you are new in the job or just need a fresh perspective? Fundraising insights will map out the organization’s giving landscape so you can immediately make decisions and allocate precious time and resources in the most strategic and data-driven way.

Empower Your Team, Including Board Members

Knowledge is power. When fundraising staff are aligned and working from a foundation, that’s when collaboration and idea-sharing begins. The same is true for Board and Event Committee Members. When they understand the landscape, they understand how they can plug in and help.

Do you trust one of the best assets in your toolkit?

Your database should be the first place you go when prospecting, contacting donors, and pulling reports. If it is cluttered with duplicates, nonessential data, and old codes, it quickly goes from asset to liability. Let us work with you to shape it into the robust tool it is meant to be.

Ravela Insights | Nonprofit Database Management & Fundraising Analytics

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Be proactive

Fundraising Insights, for smart decisions.

Database insights, for a clean database.

Prospect insights, pursuing the right people.

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