There are few things better than a clean database. In this post, we’ll cover our final four tips for keeping your database tidy. They are geared toward gifts, proposals, and pledges.

Gift Coding

Many organizations choose to code their solicitation appeals and campaigns with the fiscal year. It’s easy to accumulate dozens of old codes that could be archived. Not only will this ease data entry efforts, it will limit the choices to accidently code a gift with an old appeal.


Another place that data can easily hide and then quickly become outdated is in “open proposals.” The functionality is designed to keep track of major gift and grant proposals but the status can change quickly and often. Ask your fundraisers and grant writers to review a list of their proposals and update the status. It will help you and them pull much more accurate and meaningful reports.

Funds & General Ledger Codes

On an annual basis, it is always good to review your funds and GL codes. Some funds are temporary and new ones are sometimes needed. Also, meet with your Finance department and make sure you have the most recent codes they are utilizing. This will ease your monthly reconciliation process.

Open Pledges

Keeping up with pledges and payments is critical for data health. Gather the team on a periodic basis to review the list of all open pledges. Whether it is calling donors or rescheduling the payments, it’s important to not let open pledge sit and “age” in your system. What are your favorite spring cleaning tips? We’d love to hear from you!