Ravela Insights was launched based on the goal of equipping fundraisers with powerful tools to improve their strategies and raise more money. One way we hope to fulfill our goal is to regularly provide fundraisers with complimentary information and resources they can implement immediately. Our new Youtube series is one way we’re working to accomplish that goal. Fundraisers, non-profit professionals, and data analysts should tune in or subscribe to our Youtube channel where we regularly post helpful tips and tricks learned from years in the industry. Ravela Insights New YouTube Series You can also easily view them right here on our website. They’ll be a regular component of our blog and website. Watch the first installment of our vlog series now. Whether you’re looking for ways to better analyze your major gift program–and need a refresher on pivot tables–or you need a tutorial on analyzing new donors, we have vlogs for you!  There are tutorials that walk you through analysis using easy and simple features in excel. And don’t worry we walk you through, step-by-step, beginner excel users welcome!

About Ravela Insights:

Ravela exists to empower fundraisers, executives, and boards to utilize their own tools to make data-driven decisions. Most nonprofits have years, sometimes decades, of giving records housed in their databases, but haven’t used it to glean valuable insights that generate revenue. Enter Ravela. Our products Fundraising Insights, Database Insights, and Prospect Insights are specifically engineered to glean every detail from your non-profit donor database. We have a simple process that makes it easy on your staff while also providing actionable solutions so you can hit the ground running.