Turn data into dollars

A muddled database is a detriment to productivity, revenue-generation, and your expense budget. We’ll help you hone your constituent management, shape up your gift entry and pledge management, and understand how and if you’re using your database in the most robust way. A healthy database raises funds and trims expenses.

The Cost of a Dirty Database

Data on your constituents, whether it’s gift history or demographics, will drive messaging, solicitation tactics, and stewardship…until the data is inaccurate. Then it fuels upset donors because of mailing to outdated addresses, incorrect segmenting, missing or erroneous information, and lost donors (15% of Americans move every year).

Good data equals happy donors.

And it all starts with a healthy database.

How it Works

Getting started with Database Insights is simple and hands-free. Here’s our process:

Step 1: Remote Access

We’ll need temporary remote access to your database so we can review your coding structure and run a few reports.


Step 2: Working Behind-the-Scenes

We’ll shine a light in all corners of your database in an effort to uncover every inconsistency and any anomalies.

Step 3: Balanced Scorecard

We’ll measure 67 specific health indicators and benchmark you against the best practices of your peers.

Step 4: Clean-up Plan

You’ll be presented with your scorecard and a customized plan to clean up the database, including the coding.

Ready for Database Insights?

Been putting off cleaning up your constituent database for too long? Let us do the heavy lifting and start today.

And if we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

“By keeping a tight reign on data quality, nonprofits realize significant benefits in the form of lower marketing costs, increased response rates, and overall improvement in constituent engagement and experience levels.”

~Nonprofit Quarterly, 2013

Keep Your Database Healthy

Do you know database best practices? Do you know your data entry defaults? What about pledge processing, capturing the right information after receiving a gift, acknowledgements and receipting? Database insights reviews your database against dozens of industry best practices and provide a clear set of enhancements in the areas that need improving.