Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising Insights Services FAQ

What are Fundraising Insights?

It is the process of studying, examining, and modeling the giving history and donor behavior recorded in your database to highlight useful information, define conclusions and inform key decision-making.

What will analyzing my donor data tell me?

Insights will uncover all behavioral trends of your donors while revealing new opportunities to increase giving, retain support, and acquire more donors. This is about getting your bearings and building smart strategies when it comes to staffing structure, planning, and revenue generation.

What do I need to provide to Ravela Insights? What is the process?

When you are ready, Ravela will ask you for specific data in an excel file that we will then use to conduct your Insights.  We ask that there is a dedicated contact person should any questions arise.  Within 7-10 business days, we will present the customized, completed report that will help you understand and react to your donor behavior. We are also happy to present findings to your organizational leadership, board members and trusted volunteers.

What will I be able to do with the results?

Results will allow you to strategically plan for staffing/resource/time allocation, make informed donor cultivation and solicitation decisions, build cases for targeted acquisition, assist with driving board participation, strengthen cases for support and capacity building, and provide a sound foundation of information for your development team which can foster new ideas and innovation and more…

How much will it cost?

We want to have this service available to every nonprofit so we have prices that are affordable for all.  Insights pricing starts at $3,850.

How often should Insights be conducted on my database?

Our analysis is based on trend data, typically dating back 3–5 years. We recommend that you have your data analyzed every 2 years to continue uncovering developments, measuring results, and identifying any movement within your donor base.

Will the data and results be held confidential?

Ravela Insights, LLC will not share your data or donor information with anyone, ever. We conduct analysis via secure cloud-based file environment. You can visit our Privacy Policy.

Database Insights Services FAQ

What are Database Insights?

We’ll look at your donor database, its coding structure, and how it’s utilized to help you make changes to enhance your data and processes.

What areas of my database does the diagnostics look at?

We’ll look at the structure and integrity of your database, including duplicative records, campaigns, funds, and appeals, relationships (including solicitors), gift entry, acknowledgement process, and reporting, pledge system and reminders, constituent coding, attributes, notes, and much more.

What will my diagnostics tell me?

You’ll receive a balanced scorecard with 67 data points detailing how effective you are in each area. Not only do we tell you what your doing well and what needs improvement, we’ll give you best practices.

What do I need to provide Ravela Insights to get my database insights run?

We’ll just need remote access and a temporary log in and we’ll work behind-the-scenes to evaluate your database.

How much will it cost?

Ravela charges $3,500 to evaluate your database and present your balanced scorecard. If you would like to engage Ravela in making the suggested changes to your database, we charge $180/hr and the average time is 8-10 hours.

Prospect Insights Services FAQ

What are Prospect Insights?

We’ll look at your donor database and identify those donors that have specific giving behaviors indicative of future major donors.

What will I get with Prospect Insights?

Ravela will not only identify your warmest and best prospects to pursue, we’ll provide a prospect research profile on every individual uncovered.

What do I need to provide to Ravela Insights to get my prospects?

We either need remote access and a temporary log in and we can work behind-the-scenes to evaluate your prospects. You can also provide us with two simple reports that include giving histories. Don’t worry, we can walk you through it.

How much will it cost?

Prospect Insights starts at $3,000 for your first 100 prospects identified and a corresponding research profile.