A healthy database leads to robust fundraising. We hear from organizations all over the country, they desperately want to do donor data analytics. They want to transition to a proactive fundraising strategy, but they don’t think their data is healthy enough or viable. Although we’ve built some fail-safes into our process to eliminate duplicative records and other data inconsistencies, a duplicate-free database does not make a healthy database. And yet, healthy data is key to effective fundraising. Your database is the first place to start when doing any type of strategy or fundraising. Do you want to find prospects? Do you want to look at how an appeal is fairing?  Do you want to call your organization’s top 10 doors? Are you about to embark on a strategic planning process? It always comes back to this: Go to your database. That’s why you need a healthy and robust system, and Ravela Insights is here to help. We’ll go into your database and examine the structure, processes, data, and overall hygiene to produce a balanced scorecard with 67 specific indicators. The scorecard will show you exactly how you fare with each indicator, the best practice, and customized tactics to improve that specific area. We’ll look at your funds, appeals, campaigns, constituent codes, solicit codes, actions, relationships, notes, attributes, dashboards, reporting, and everything else that’s housed in our database. We’ll score it and help your fundraising department to utilize the database to its fullest extent. If you’d like to learn more about Database Insights, kindly get in touch!