What are donor data analytics and how exactly can it help me increase revenue? It’s a common question we get from nonprofits all over the country. Analytics is the process of studying, examining and modeling your donor data to help you understand exactly how donors are financially engaging with your organization. Today we share with you part one of a new Vlog series to help you do your own donor data analytics with your database.  This 5-part series will focus on:
  1. Annual Giving
  2. Major Giving
  3. Acquisition
  4. Retention and Recapturing Donors
  5. Departmental Structure and Strategy
Today’s video will provide an overview of ways too look at how new donors are coming to your organization, what they’re giving and what channel they’ve chosen that led them to your organization. To walk side-by-side Mary in this tutorial, we recommend you query your donor database first and extract the data into an excel spreadsheet. First run a query against the “first gift = last fiscal year” and make sure your data has these four components:
  1. Constituent ID
  2. First gift date
  3. First gift amount
  4. First gift appeal
Once you have this information, Mary will walk you through analyzing your data with easy-to-follow instructions using pivot tables.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below or contact Ravela Insights today.