Every nonprofit organization has gaps in their giving file. In this short 10 minute video you’ll walk away with a valuable tool to try with your donor database, what the video now to find out exactly how to identify gaps in giving with just one simple export and your computer’s Microsoft Excel program. A few key things you’ll learn from this video include:
  1. Using your database to find gaps in giving within your donor constituents
  2. Key tactics to fill your gaps in giving
  3. A strategic plan for how to plan for the future in keeping those gaps filled
A gaps in giving analysis is really the first measurement we do here at Ravela Insights when we are asked to run a data analysis on a nonprofit. Every organization has gaps and gaps can present amazing opportunities for your organization. To work right alongside Mary as she walks you through analyzing gaps in giving in your program, all you need to do is export two data points from your database: individuals (or constituent ID) and total donated in the last fiscal year. From there Mary will walk you through generating a pivot table, grouping the appropriate amounts based on your organization’s giving structure and analyzing the opportunities. Click the image below to see the entire tutorial!

Tutorial how to identify gaps in giving (640x390)

We hope you enjoy the video, let us know what you think in the comments! Left wanting to learn a little more? Contact Ravela Insights today for a consultation on our process and why it might be right for your fundraising strategy.